dimarts, 8 de març de 2011

D-VERSIONS #429 (8.3.11)

Telephoned - All Of The Lights [Kanye West]
Tahta Menezes - Disturbia [Rihanna]
Marcela Mangabeira - Poker Face [Lady Gaga]
Marcela Mangabeira - Give It 2 Me [Madonna]
Axel Boys Quartet - Barbie Girl [Aqua]
The Jolly Boys - Golden Brown [The Stranglers]
Tino Casal - Eloise [Barry Ryan]
Pet Shop Boys - Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You) [U2/Frankie Valli]
G.D. Luxxe - 60 Miles An Hour [New Order]
The Blue Aeroplanes - The Boy In The Bubble [Paul Simon]